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The 28th Bluestar International Summer Camp Opens Warmly
Source: China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd. Date: 2017-07-20

You are from Brazil, he fly all the way from Slovakia, and I'm a kid of Bluestar who lives here in Beijing. At Bluestar International Summer Camp, we come together for a happy time from around the world. We form a big and warm family. On July 20, 54 kids of Bluestar employees came from 17 foreign countries to meet children from 18 sub-camps all over China. Also, there are kids from Gulang County of Gansu Province. In total, we have 880 Chinese campers for this year's event, the 28th Bluestar International Summer Camp.   

In the camp, the young campers will share and strive for their dreams, and people from home and abroad will share their cultures and build friendship. The Bluestar International Summer Camp, an annual event, has now become a much anticipated event every year. During the 21 days of the camp, kids from different countries will be together day and night at Bluestar, our shared home. Besides kids from France, Norway, and Krauss-Maffei of Germany, we also have campers from Pirelli, Italy.

At the opening ceremony, ChemChina Chairman Ren Jianxin pointed in his speech that over 28 years, the Bluestar summer camp grew from an event of only a dozen campers to one that hosts nearly 1,000 campers, its scale expanded from only one camp in Lanzhou to 18 sub camps across China, and its coverage extended from only Chinese member companies to 8 overseas subsidiaries around the world. The summer camp has been inclusive and open to kids of ChemChina employees all over the world, sowing seeds for a bright future of the chemical industry and building a bridge for cultural exchanges. Over the years, ChemChina has adhered to its inclusive corporate culture and invited companies from around the world to join the big family. Subsidiaries from different backgrounds have been in great harmony thanks to mutual respect, trust and inclusiveness. This is the foundation of our culture and the spirit of our summer camp.

Bluestar Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Dazhuang said in his speech that he hoped young campers would feel the power of teamwork and deepen their understanding of this year's theme that harmonious coexistence depends on every one of us. He also hoped that the group activities, shows of various cultures, stays in Chinese homes, and Chinese Kungfu shows would help campers learn to understand, care for, and help others and that such activities would tell them how to respect others and keep harmonious interpersonal relationships. Wang asked all staff members to take safety as the top priority in everything they do so that the summer camp will be an event of harmony, safety, and good health.

Representatives of Chinese and foreign campers also delivered speeches on the theme of this year's event, saying that they would cherish the coming days at the camp, observe the code of conduct, and complete this summer trip safely and happily.

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