R&D Achievements

To maintain its competitive edges, Bluestar works constantly to optimize its production process, save resources, and seek sustainable development.

In 2016, Bluestar completed 55 R&D projects and received 34 national and provincial & ministerial awards in China, including two outstanding patent awards from the 18th China Patent Award Conference, namely A High-performance Heterocyclic Aramid and Its Preparation and Application developed by Bluestar Chengrand Institute (ZL201010108545.6) and An Engine Thermal Test (ZL201010100915.1) developed by Beijing Bluestar. It submitted 250 patent applications, took the lead in formulating (revising) four international standards and 20 national standards and eight industry standards drafted by Bluestar were adopted

In 2015, Bluestar completed 65 R&D projects and received 31 national, provincial and ministerial awards in China, including the second price from the National Science and Technology Progress Award for the “Process for Producing Potassium Chloride from Low-grade Brine in Qinghai Salt Lake” project led by Changsha Engineering Institute, two Outstanding Patent Awards from the 17th China Patent Awards Conference for an energy-saving reverse osmosis treatment method (ZL200510050116.7) developed by Hangzhou Water Treatment and the fluidized bed reactor (ZL200820063585.1) developed by Bluestar Chengrand Institute. It submitted 293 patent applications and 25 national standards and two industry standards drafted by Bluestar was adopted.

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