Bluestar provide to customers high quality service based on its technoligy edge. Bluestar owns research centres and engieering institutes well known in industry, is able to provide customers with integral solutions covering the whole process from chemical research, feasibility studies, bench-scale testing, pilot scale testing to engineering design, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction and management, equipment installation and commissioning, training and after-sales service.. Bluestar are national leaders in membrane and water treatment technology. The company uses state-of-the-art membrane water treatment technology, which provides the best solutions to preparing pure water and comprehensively utilizing water resources for customers. Bluestar is the founder of cleaning industry in China, initiating from boiler cleaning and repair,now it expand its service to nearly all kinds of industries. Bluestar has the best equipments and solid IP position in cleaning service market, which enable Bluestar always playing the leading role in this area.
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